408 W. 17th St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 474-2036

Abbey House Student Residence Hall

Offering places to live near UT

Abbey House is full for Fall 2018.

At Abbey House, you can have your own large, 2nd floor room with a full, private tiled bath. It's just a 5 minute walk to UT (see map). If you're serious about excelling in your UT classes, a quiet atmosphere is important in the place where you live. That's why Abbey House seeks upperdivision and graduate students wanting a place near UT that is friendly but quiet.

Rooms are upstairs, fully furnished, air-conditioned, and carpeted, with a jumbo closet, window, ceiling fan, and fast DSL Internet service. (See floor plan.)

More Abbey House extras

Downstairs, there's a spacious, fully equipped kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, dishes, and utensils for your use at any hour. You can store and cook your own food there, buy a mealplan at nearby campus dorms, or dine in nearby eateries.

Extras include a washer/dryer, daily newspaper shared on the kitchen table, and more. Room furnishings include bed, desk, chair, bureau, and nightstand. The connecting tiled bath has a full tub and shower.

All residential rooms are upstairs. An attorney service firm has offices downstairs.

Within a few blocks are plenty of restaurants, the University Credit Union, drugstores, and over a hundred shops, services, and businesses catering to students.

Come see Abbey House now

Abbey House is smoke-free, so enjoy the clean air. It's a small, friendly residence hall, a home with people around, but with plenty of privacy and quiet for study.

You can choose to have a room completely to yourself, or to share with a roommate to reduce costs.

There are only eleven student residence rooms, so send in your online application now! You can also call 474-2036 to schedule a tour. Our office is open M-F, 9am-5:30pm